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What is SMM

SMM is short for social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing is the usage of social platforms as the channels for brand promotion and target audience growth. Social platforms are in the center of SMM.

  • Cheap marketing
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Quick growth of sales

How can we help you?

SMM is cheap compared with other types of marketing. To succeed with SMM, you need to be active in social networks — regularly create new groups, find friends, chat, write comments. All you need is a lot of time and creativity.

Our well-trained and professional marketing team find out what is your goal and analyze how to accomplish your goal.

Here are some basic steps Alitech marketing team to carry out for successful SMM marketing.

Step 1

We will plan your mission, goals and objectives.

Step 2

Analyze industry positioning -opportunities, competition

Step 3

Choose target audience and the specific needs of this group.

Step 4

Executing the process and Evaluate how successful was your stratigy

What we can offer


Facebook belongs to the top-5 of the most visited websites in the world. The audience made 2 billion users in June 2017. Every day, users "leave" 6 billion likes and comments and post 300 million photos. Facebook is an excellent platform for your business. We will help to manage your facebook marketing.


This is a great platform to share photos and videos using hashtags when you want to tempt the audience. For example, an account in Instagram is a must if you own a store, a cafe, any recreational center. Alitech will help you to boost your instagram marketing.


YouTube belongs to Google, so videos from YouTube have more chances to appear in the Search Engine Results Page. Mind this when optimizing! Alitech will help you to make video clips to boost your youtube marketing.


Another more popular social network platform is Telegram. The rise of popularity of Telegram makes the platform one of the best place to market your products and business. Alitech will help you to run your telegram marketing.

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