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What is a CRM

CRM is customer relationship management system.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. The goal is simple: Improve business relationships. A CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

A CRM solution helps you focus on your organization’s relationships with individual people — including customers, service users, colleagues, or suppliers — throughout your lifecycle with them, including finding new customers, winning their business, and providing support and additional services throughout the relationship.

  • Business owners
  • Getting more Sales
  • Selling products

How we work

A CRM system gives everyone — from sales, customer service, business development, recruiting, marketing, or any other line of business — a better way to manage the external interactions and relationships that drive success.

A CRM tool lets you store customer and prospect contact information, identify sales opportunities, record service issues, and manage marketing campaigns, all in one central location — and make information about every customer interaction available to anyone at your company who might need it.

Alitech also follows a set of steps to build your next the best CRM system.

Step 1

We will plan your CRM system's goals and objectives and create sitemap.

Step 2

All visual contents(images, logos) and overall design are created.

Step 3

Start coding and building the CRM itself. All CRM features and functions are build.

Step 4

Your CRM will be online under your domain name or as a software.

What we can offer

Operational CRM

An Operational CRM is designed to streamline and simplify an organization’s main business processes. Operational CRMs achieve these goals through three main features - marketing automation, sales automation, and service automation. If your company is trying to automate its workflow and take the human element out of the more monotonous, administrative side of your business, an operational CRM is the way to go.

Collaborative CRM

With a collaborative CRM, a company’s marketing, sales, and service departments all share customer information freely with one another. The hope is that this system will improve synchronicity within the business and give each department a better understanding of their customers’ needs, wants, and interests. Alitech helps you to build your next the best collaborative CRM.

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